Food is fundamental. Biologically and culturally. Yet perhaps because eating is such a frequent experience the stories that surround the view that "we eat what we are" become invisible. Bee and Susy aim to make some of those stories more visible through co-curating food experiences and projects that trigger discussion, memories and inspiration. 

Bespoke and/or co-created events and feasts are thematically based - from Tudor banquets to sustainable urban eating. They are a stimulating and pleasurable way to discover new tastes, knowledge and skills. We focus on traditional food skills and eating rituals using ingredients and recipes from wide ranging historical and geographical sources. We have created and hosted salon discussions, film nights, slideshows, talk programmes, conference lunches, museum and gallery installations and food festival projects and, are open to new ideas! So please do get in touch.



The craft of food

The Anthropologists of Eating believe that daily gathering to prepare and share food is vital. It is needed for individual and cultural identity, our mental and physical health, to give rhythm to our lives and to sustain family economics.

We provide opportunities to explore, share and enjoy culinary and cuisine skills. Knowledge of healthy eating, heritage, sustainability, ethics and culture is animated through demonstrations, workshop programmes and installations. 








"I thank you so much for the most unexpected and enchanting break to the afternoon yesterday!
It really was so unique and so enjoyable!"


"Fabulous session, great to be taken back to traditional methods in a calming environment."


"Is was the loveliest of events that I have ever been to!"

Juliette Morgan, Head of Regent's Place Campus, British Land, 2018

“Making time for and joining in communal meals is perhaps the single most important thing we can do – both for our own health and well-being and for that of the wider community”.

Robert Dunbar, 2016