knowledge and innovation

I co-work with clients to research, design and realise their plans for viable places to gather. Convivial spaces that foster healthy communities and sustainable values.

These places focus on the commensality of eating and drinking together.

With knowledge and skills in social science analysis, horticulture, design, cuisine, place making, architecture and environmental resilience, I weave together the old and the new, the theory and the practice and the simple and the stunning. 

My work is always based on the following four key themes: 

1. Fusing together old knowledge and new ways | Design for living that utilises heritage with contemporary innovation 

2. Making resilient communities  | Place and people specific design that harnesses natural resources and local stories

3. Respect | Supporting and invigorating exisiting local community and business networks and practices

4. Sustainable Environments | Stewardship of natural and social resources

Everything is connected

My consultation and design practice is multi-disciplinary and founded on anthropological analysis and interpretation. 

I incorporate elements of my Ruban (rural and urban) Communitas framework tool in all I do.

URBAN COMMUNITAS | HEALTH | TECHNOLOGY | HARMONY (with each other and the environment) | FOOD & WATER | MOVEMENT (of things and people ) | LABOUR & LEISURE | 

The framework tool focuses, informs, invigorates and communicates.



My rates are agreed on an individual basis.

I work on small and medium size projects with differing complexities and expectations.


"Bee Farrell enjoys working with many different people in very different places".

Sustainable Food Trust, 2015

"Bee is exploring how the natural and built environment induces and then continually reconstructs our relationships with material objects, cultures, traditions and food".

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, 2015

"Bee Farrell focuses on curating food, health and education projects that develop a greater sustainable food future".

The Offbeats, 2017