The heady days of the 1970’s surge of confrontation sit deep under my skin. I truly hope that this bubbling feeling of quiet outrage simmers for many, many others.

I believe it does.

Signature emblems of anarchistic torch bearing revealed in the music, posture and clothing came to a mortifying consumerist cul-de-sac with faux ‘punk’ fashion and hyped smiley faced band members. They underlined the antithesis of movement grown out of disgust for institutional power become hemmed in by corporate control. Bereft of freedom and individuality where to for the twenty-first century anarchists? Dumbed down and cynical, the corporate global monster fashions everything and everyone in its wake.

Yet there is a powerful weapon of rebellion in our grasp. Everyday we all gather, share, ingest and discard its remains. It is in our bowl, cup and plate: and in our hands. It is sustenance and togetherness. It is food.

The global and industrial food chain is powerful and smirkingly epitomises all that punks of old wrestled against, corporate control, divisiveness of money, gender inequality, ethical laziness and a homogenous society.

Eat food made on the industrial food chain, from supermarkets, coffee chains, large pharmacies and institutional canteens and every mouthful is not just submissive but helps to elevate the power of capitalism. But eat wild food, heirloom and heritage grown produce, food grown and made by independents, ethically traded food and through freegan and swapping ways and you will be part of the most powerful end to control ever.

Every bite counts.