Bee Farrell | Public Food Anthropologist | Consultant | Writer | Researcher | Speaker | Project curator

Social | Sustainable | Behavioural | Historic | Themes of Food and Eating


discussion, planning & Review tool | RUrban communitas 

THINKING | My work uses traditional knowledge and innovative design to make clever and beautiful places for food and eating


BREadear campaign 

MAKING | As a food writer and public speaker I communicate stories of the cultures of food and eating


story of sourdough bread | 'our house | a home for all' 

DOING | Farrell and Webb | The Anthroplogists of Eating create enlightening and tasty encounters with food and eating

"As an independent consultant, Bee had been tasked by the practice to re-think their sustainability strategy, with an emphasis on urban food. Using her meticulous academic research skills and her complex knowledge, both wide and deep, she built up a new framework, relevant for the evolving metropolis and its increasing (food) challenges"
Brigitte Rothfuss | Architect | Project Manager | Head of Sustainability | London 

Clients include:

Backroad books, Bee London, Church Street Neighbourhood Forum, Eastfeast, Makemore Festival, Farrells, Regent's Place, Four Rain, Harper Collins, Real Food Market, RUAF Foundation, Food&, Selfridges, Springer Publishing, British Land, The Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, The New Craftsmen,The Offbeats, Binge, The Sustainable Food Trust, The Woodbridge Tide Mill, The University of East Anglia and the University of Kassel.